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Courses in Engineering (ENGR)

ENGR 001 - First-Year Design Experience
Introduction to the engineering profession and the engineering design process. Hands-on experiences that emphasize interdisciplinary teamwork, seeking and defining problems, and developing, fabricating and/or testing solutions. Data analysis and technical communications.
Credits: 3.00
ENGR 002 - Graphical Communication
Principles of computer-aided drafting/design; production of engineering drawings including: orthographic, auxiliary, section, pictorials and dimensioning, graphics and charts; applications in specific engineering disciplines.
Credits: 2.00
ENGR 010 - D1:Dvrsty Issues:Math/Sci/Egr
Diversity in CEMS: under-representation, environmental justice, gender/race participation, ethical considerations, urban planning, equal opportunity, Title IX. Landscape of race/gender in STEM.
Credits: 3.00
ENGR 020 - QR: Programming for Engineers
Introduction to computer programming principles using MATLAB, with applications chosen from civil, electrical, environmental, and mechanical engineering. Co-requisite: MATH 021. Cross-listed with: CS 020. Credit not given for both CS 016 and CS 020/ENGR 020.
Credits: 3.00
ENGR 050 - First Year Engineering Seminar
This first year experience seminar course exposes students to curricular options and career paths in engineering. Also introduces basic principles of engineering design through project-based laboratories. Students interact with faculty, professionals and peers in their fields.
Credits: 1.00
ENGR 095 - Special Topics
See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.
Credits: 5.00
ENGR 101 - Engineering Communications
Traditional technical and scientific writing forms, including outlines, summaries, abstracts, technical descriptions, research reports/papers and proposals; written and oral technical communication with technical and nontechnical audience; electronic professional portfolio. Prerequisites: ENGS 001; Engineering major.
Credits: 3.00
ENGR 116 - Virtual Instrument Engineering
Introduces logical and electrical circuit modeling using computer-based virtualization tools in a graphical format. Includes circuit simulation; scripting, interfacing; signal processing; control of instruments and data acquisition. Prerequisite: ENGR 002 or Instructor permission.
Credits: 1.00 to 3.00
ENGR 195 - Special Topics
See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.
Credits: 3.00
ENGR 201 - Ethics in CEMS Rsrch/Practice
Professional responsibilities of computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and statisticians in research and practice. Professional rights and responsibilities, research integrity, fair credit in research and publication. Preerquisite: Minimum Senior standing.
Credits: 1.00
ENGR 295 - Special Topics
See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.
Credits: 6.00
ENGR 296 - Special Topics
See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.
Credits: 3.00