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School of Business Administration Special Programs

Professional Accounting Program

A student who plans to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) should complete a General Accounting undergraduate concentra-tion plus the Masters of Accountancy ( MAcc) in a fifth year. The MAcc fulfills the 150 credit hour requirement of the American Insti-tute of Certified Public Accountants (see the Graduate Catalogue for additional information on the MAcc.) The specific re-quirements to sit for the CPA examination vary among states. Students who plan to sit for the CPA exam are advised to contact the Board of Accountancy for the State where they plan to work.

The General Accounting concentration consists of twelve credits of accounting coursework; BSAD 161 (Intermediate Accounting I), BSAD 162 (Intermediate Accounting II), and 2 other accounting courses to be selected in consultation with the student’s accounting advisor.

International Business

Students interested in International Business are expected to participate in a study abroad experience.

The University of Vermont participates in a number of exchange programs with institutions around the world.

It is also possible for students to spend a semester at other international universities. It is recommended that International Business students complete BSAD 120, BSAD 150, and BSAD 180 before going abroad.

Preprofessional Work Programs

Students are encouraged to participate in preprofessional work opportunities, such as internships, part-time jobs or work study. Internships may involve part-time work during the academic year or full-time summer work. The time required for an intern-ship and whether or not it is paid depends upon the employer.

Credit may be available for demonstrated learning in relation to an internship experience. Students may take up to nine hours of internship for credit. No more than six hours of internship for credit may be taken outside the School of Business Administration.

Students with a minimum 3.0 grade point average may enroll in an internship independent study with a faculty member by enrolling in BSAD 194. Students must speak with a faculty member in their field of study in order to obtain approval. The other option is to complete an internship for credit course concurrent to the internship experience.