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School of Business Administration (BSAD)

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The University of Vermont
School of Business Administration
Student Services
101 Kalkin Hall
55 Colchester Avenue
Burlington, VT 05405-0158

Phone: (802) 656-4015
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The School of Business Administration at the University of Vermont prepares students for careers in management in a dynamic global economy and fosters recognition of the importance of ethical, social, and environmental responsibility. The School cultivates and supports a Faculty that excels in management education, research, and practice. The School also commits itself to a special obligation to serve the citizens of Vermont. It strives to be the best business program of its size. The School contributes to the mission of the University by pursuing seven objectives:
  1. To become nationally known for excellence in undergraduate education that integrates forward-looking professional studies with rigorous studies in the liberal arts and sciences by graduating bachelor's candidates who:
    • know how to think critically, learn independently, and search for and integrate new information;
    • understand what managers do, how businesses operate, and how markets behave;
    • understand how knowledge is created;
    • use knowledge, creative abilities and analytical skills to frame and solve management problems;
    • have strong communication skills;
    • use information technologies to improve individual and organizational performance;
    • have a sense of history, familiarity with the great world literature and an understanding of global economic, political and technological developments;
    • appreciate the diversity of cultures, values and ideas.
  2. To offer a high quality MBA degree that serves in-career, part-time students and their employers in the Vermont region as well as select full-time students. To graduate MBA candidates who are able to build on previous educational and professional experiences in developing knowledge to address significant management issues of the whole organization as well as the functional parts.
  3. To provide students with an environment that fosters intellectual and professional development through academic and career advising.
  4. To recruit, retain, reward and reinforce the continuing scholarly and professional development of a faculty and staff that achieves high standards of quality, innovation and productivity in teaching, research and service.
  5. To engage in research and publication that enhance the scholarly reputation of the University and enrich the School's educational programs.
  6. To conduct public service programs that increase the intellectual capital and leadership capabilities of Vermont's and the nation's business, public sector and not-for-profit organizations.
  7. To develop and strengthen cooperative relationships and programs with other colleges, schools and departments at the University of Vermont that capitalize on institutional strengths and resources to advance the mission of the University.

During their first two years, students build the conceptual and analytical base for studying the art and science of management. They partially complete general education requirements and learn required skills for upper level business courses. Students take business field courses and business discipline concentration courses in their junior and senior years.

The School of Business Administration cooperates with the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences in offering a B.S. in Engineering Management. The School of Business offers two minors: a minor in Accounting and a minor in Business Administration.

The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the School are accredited by AACSB International: The International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.


Students planning to transfer to the School of Business Administration from another college or school on campus must meet the prerequisite requirements. Internal Transfer applicants must complete Math 19 & 20 (Calculus I & II) and Economics 11 & 12 (Macro and Micro Economics) before being considered for transfer. Applications may be obtained in Student Services, 101 Kalkin Hall.


Students are presumed to have basic microcomputer literacy, including working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software. Students lacking this basic knowledge are responsible for attaining it through course work, self study, tutorials or workshops.