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College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Undergraduate Academic Standards

revised standards posted: 10/27/2009

To continue as a major in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, a student must achieve a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average (2.3 for the School of Engineering) at the end of the semester in which 60 cumulative credit hours have been attempted (30 for the School of Engineering). No more than three repeated course enrollments are allowed during this 60- or 30-credit period. In the case of transfer students, applicable transfer credits will be included in determining the 60 or 30 credit hours, but grades in these courses will not be included in the grade-point average.

Students who receive a cumulative or semester grade-point average of less than 2.0 or 2.3 will be placed on trial. Students who have failed half their course credits for any semester, or who have had two successive semester averages below 2.0 or 2.3, or three successive semesters in which their cumulative grade-point average falls below 2.0 or 2.3, are eligible for dismissal.

To receive a degree, students must have a minimum cumulative average of 2.0 or 2.3. Students must complete 30 of the last 45 hours of credit in residence at UVM as matriculated students in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. Additional degree requirements are specified for each major.

No more than three grades of D, D+, or D-(one grade of D, D+ or D- in the School of Engineering) in the courses normally taken as part of the junior and senior curriculum in the student's major program will be acceptable. Requirements in each department/program are specified by the respective program curriculum committees.

A course may not be taken for credit if it is a prerequisite to one for which credit has already been granted, except by permission of the student's advisor.

Only two credits of physical education will count toward the total credits needed for graduation.

Students must comply with the degree requirements as stated in a single catalogue edition in place during the time they are enrolled. The catalogue edition to be followed is the one in effect at the time the student enrolls at UVM, unless the student requests in writing to follow an edition that is published subsequently during his/her enrollment at UVM. Students may not mix requirements from different catalogues.

First year students: Students who receive a cumulative GPA less than 1.67 after the first year are in danger of not being able to complete a degree in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. These students will be required to reassess their academic direction with the aid of their advisor and the Academic Assistant Dean.