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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Core Competencies

Students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences develop a set of knowledge, skills, and values through satisfactory completion of an integrated series of courses and academic experiences such as internships and research apprenticeships. We believe these competencies are essential to effective function in society and that they foster an attitude that promotes lifeling learning and responsible citzenship.

  • Knowledge
    Students build a fundamental knowledge base of natural and social sciences, humanities, and fine arts. They will have developed the ability to think objectively, use the scientific method, and employ observational skills to interpret data, understand the natural world, and view humna society, as well as the relations between these.
  • Skills
    Students develop skills in effective oral and written communication, information technology, mathematical and statistical methods, research, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, conflict resolution, and group process.
  • Values
    Students are challenged to develop an understanding of the diversity of human exerience, sensitivity for the place of human beings in the natural world, an appprection for the value of a helathy lifestyle, and a commitment to social responsibility and lifeling learning.
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