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Animal Science: Equine Science (Bachelor of Science)


Domestic animals play a major role in our lives through agriculture, recreation, biomedical science, and companionship. The mission of the Department of Animal Science is to provide a high quality, broad-based education emphasizing domestic animals and their interactions with humans. Our graduates enter veterinary or other professional schools, pursue careers in biomedical science, agribusiness, companion animal care and breeding, zoos and aquaria, or education. To provide the necessary flexibility to achieve this diversity, students work closely with faculty advisors to individualize their programs.

To advance our pre-veterinary program, the Department of Animal Science has established, with Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts, and Massey University Veterinary School in New Zealand, highly competitive programs for early acceptance/guaranteed admission to these veterinary colleges. For further information on these options contact the Department of Animal Science directly at (802) 656-0155 or e-mail

For students interested in dairy production, the FARMS program (UVM/VTC Dairy Farm Management 2 + 2 Program) provides Vermont residents with scholarships and the opportunity to earn a B.S. after a two-year Associate's Degree in Dairy Farm Management from the Vermont Technical College.

An option for the outstanding student with an interest in a graduate degree is the Accelerated Master's in which students commence study for their master’s degree in their senior year and have the potential to obtain a B.S. and M.S. in a five-year period.

The Department of Animal Science actively encourages participation in undergraduate research, internships, and study abroad. By combining classroom, laboratory, and practical experience students maximize their performance in a friendly environment and develop responsibility for and control over their education.

The Animal Science program deals with a range of options from basic sciences through companion and zoo animal care to farm management.

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Specialized courses are offered on the care, management, breeding, training, and health of horses. Students can specialize in either a teaching/training track or a management track.

The world-famous Morgan Horse Farm at Weybridge,VT, about 45 minutes from campus, is also part of the Department and offers opportunities for study and research. Students may also enroll in equine courses at the Miner Agricultural Research Institute in Chazy, New York.


The following is a possible curriculum.

First Year
Course Credits
CALS 001 & CALS 002 - Foundations 6
ASCI 001 - Introductory Animal Sciences 4
ASCI 115 - Introduction to Equine Studies 4
ENGS 001 - Written Expression 3
Inorganic Chemistry 4
Organic Chemistry 4
Mathematics 3
Diversity Elective 3
Electives1 0-5
Total 31-36
Sophomore Year
Course Credits
BIOL 001 - Principles of Biology 4
ASCI 043 - Fundamentals of Nutrition 3
ASCI 110 - Animal Nutrit, Metab & Feeding 4
ASCI 117 - Horse Health and Disease 3
ASCI 141 - Anat&Physiol Domestic Animals 4
CDAE 166 - Intro to Community Entrepreneurship 3
Emergency First Aid 2
Financial Management 3
Diversity Elective 3
Physical Education Elective 1
General Electives1 3-6
Total 33-36
Junior Year
Course Credits
ASCI 215 - Physiology of Reproduction 4
ASCI 119 - Equine Training Techniques
ASCI 121 - Equus
ASCI 122 - Animals in Soc/Animal Welfare 3
ASCI 281 - Animal Sciences Career Seminar 1
ASCI 298 - Equine Enterprise Mgnt 2
PSS 011 - Principles of Plant Science 3
Marketing 3
Microbiology 4
Statistics 3
General Electives1 3-9
Total 29-36
Senior Year
Course Credits
ASCI 143 - Forage Crop Management 3
ASCI 205 - Equine Reproduction&Management 3
ASCI 298 - Equine Industry Issues 3
CDAE 266 - Dec Making for Community Entrepreneurs 3
Equine Internship 3-6
Genetics 3
Specialized Topic 1-3
Physical Education Elective 1
General Electives1 2-13
Equine Instructing Techniques 3
Total 25-41
1Include courses to meet college requirements and advanced courses for specific options.