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Academic Policies and General Information

Optional and Unique Fees for Undergraduate Students

Locker-Towel Fee

All students enrolled in physical education activity courses and others who wish to have an assigned locker must pay a locker-towel fee each year or any portion thereof. This fee provides a locker and a clean towel after each use of the gymnasium facility.

The School of Business Administration

All new first-year and transfer students entering programs in the college are required to purchase a microcomputer. Details on the cost and the machine specifications are provided to the student at the time of admission. Students eligible for financial aid can have the cost of the microcomputer acquisition built into their financial aid package.

Credit by Examination

A fee will be charged for administration of special tests in areas for which academic credit may be received. This fee must be paid in advance.

Fees for Courses in Music Performance Study

Private applied lessons in most instruments and voice are available each semester, for academic credit, to qualified students. Private lessons meet for 14 weeks during the semester. Both one-half hour (one academic credit) or one hour (two academic credits) lessons may be taken, depending on the recommendation of the faculty.

Any student enrolled in excess of 18 credit hours because of Private Applied Lessons will be charged only the additional Private Lesson Fee, and not the supplemental tuition charges for taking more than the permitted 18 credits. Permission from the respective Dean's Office to exceed 18 academic credits in a semester must still be obtained, however.

The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources Summer Field Courses

Students majoring in Forestry or Wildlife Biology are required to take summer field courses. Forestry majors must take FOR 122 and Wildlife Biology majors must take WFB 131 and WFB 150.

The tuition for The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources Summer Field Courses will be at the Summer Session credit hour rate. In addition, there may be charges for field expenses.

Department of Nursing

A fee of approximately $28 annually will be charged each student for membership in the National Student Nurse Association and a fee of approximately $20 a year for professional liability insurance will be billed to juniors and seniors. ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) testing fees will be billed to juniors and seniors, approximately $348 total over two years. These fees are included with the usual tuition bills.

Additional Fees for Special Courses

Occasionally, a special fee will be charged in addition to the fee for tuition to cover long distance travel expenses, special equipment, arrangements, or skilled consultants. Students will be notified of this fee through the registration process.

Study Abroad

A $450 administrative fee will be assessed for students participating in a semester or year-long Study Abroad program and $250 for summer programs.

Diagnostic Evaluation

In certain instances, students may be assessed a fee for diagnostic testing. Additional information can be obtained from the Office of Specialized Student Services.