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Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Thanks to the generosity of UVM alumni, parents, and friends, a number of scholarships are available to students whose experiences and backgrounds promise to enrich the larger university community. While many of these scholarships are based on a combination of need and merit, several scholarships are offered exclusively on the basis of academic achievements and potential for success at UVM. For more information, visit the Web Site Link out of catalogue site.. Examples of scholarships available to new students include:

The Vermont Scholars Program

Each year, UVM names a select group of outstanding Vermont high school students as Vermont Scholars, an academic honor that carries a fouryear scholarship. To qualify, candidates generally rank in the top ten percent of their graduating class and present superior scores on the SAT Reasoning Test (SAT). Comparable ACT scores are acceptable.

A committee comprising members of the University community reviews all qualified applicants and bases final selection on such factors as secondary school record, recommendations, admissions essays, extracurricular participation, and academic potential. Scholarship recipients are notified by mid-March.

Vermont Scholars receive between $1,500 and $8,000 annually in scholarship and grant assistance, depending on need. The scholarship is renewable up to four years (eight semesters) provided a 3.00 cumulative grade-point average is maintained.

The Green and Gold Scholars Program

The University of Vermont recognizes the academically strongest student at each accredited high school in Vermont with 4-year, full tuition scholarships, currently valued at over $45,000. At the end of the academic year, the Principal of each school submits a nominee who is the strongest student at the end of the 11th grade year. The primary criteria for determining a nominee is limited to academic performance in high school, including rank in class, grade point average, rigor of course work and standardized testing. Green & Gold nominees are awarded four-year full tuition scholarships upon admission to the University. The scholarships are renewable annually providing that the recipient maintains a 3.00 overall grade point average and makes satisfactory progress toward degree completion while in attendance at the University.

UVM Community Service Award

The UVM Community Service Award is available for Vermont residents who have a demonstrated commitment to community and public service. The University Scholarship Committee selects those students that have a proven track record of community service. Community Service Scholars receive between $1,250 and $8,000 annually in scholarship and grant assistance, depending on need. Recipients must maintain at least a 2.50 cumulative grade-point average and continue to perform community service while at the University.

Presidential Scholarship

Out-of-state students with a superior record of scholastic achievement are eligible for consideration for the UVM Presidential Scholarship. Letters of recommendation, secondary school record, and extracurricular participation are among the criteria used in making scholarship selections. Presidential Scholars receive a merit scholarship for four years (eight semesters) providing they maintain a cumulative 3.00 grade-point average and continue to make satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree requirements. Scholarship values range from $1,000-$3,000 per year.

Patrick Scholarship

The Patrick Scholarship is awarded to academically deserving Vermonters in the amount of $1,000 per year for four years.

How to Apply for UVM Scholarships

There is no separate application process for most UVM- based scholarships. First year applicants will be considered for all UVM scholarships simply by submitting the UVM admissions application. Transfer applicants are not eligible for merit scholarships. The wealth of information provided in the Admissions application is used in matching students with available scholarships. Additionally, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be considered for need-based scholarships. Students will be notified if additional information is needed to apply for a specific scholarship.

Other Scholarship Resources

  • VSAC (The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation) Link out of catalogue site. offers a guide to scholarships for Vermont students. Contact VSAC toll-free at (800) 798-8722.
  • The Army ROTC Program Link out of catalogue site. offers an opportunity for students to earn a degree of their choice and possibly qualify for an officer's commission. Two-, three- and four-year scholarships are available paying full tuition, full fees, $900 for books and a stipend that pays up to $500 a month.
  • Veterans are encouraged to consult the UVM Registrar's Office regarding G.I. Bill benefits in education.
  • Many organizations within home communities offer a wide range of scholarships to needy and deserving students. Check with schools and communities for these opportunities.