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Academic Policies and General Information

Degree Student Status

Definition: Undergraduate degree students who have presented appropriate credentials for admission and have been accepted as students in a degree program. The following four actions apply only to degree students.

Intercollege Transfers

Degree students may transfer to another college/school within the University. To do so, a student must complete a Change of Major/College form and obtain the approval of the deans of the two units involved. Students wishing to transfer must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for transfer admission into teacher licensure programs in the College of Education and Social Services. Transfers will be approved only if space is available and may be conditional upon students satisfactorily completing requirements set out by the new college/school. Internal transfers to the School of Business Administration must have successfully completed at least one semester of calculus and one semester of economics before being considered for transfer.

Withdrawal from the University

Degree students who wish to withdraw from the University must first notify their academic dean in person or writing.

Readmission to the University

Degree students who have left the University for one semester or more must write to their dean to request readmission. Students must apply for readmission by October 31 or March 31 preceding the appropriate semester of return.