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College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The University considers credit for most of the 30 specific subject CLEP exams providing the student has not previously attempted a similar course of study at a college level. Scores acceptable for credit are comparable to attaining a level of accomplishment equal to a C in a graded course situation with exception for language exams. Individual exams may earn a student three, six, or eight semester hours of credit depending on the nature and scope of the material covered. Credit is not granted for the general exams. Consult our Clep Transfer Guide.

Credit granted for CLEP Examinations may be applied toward distribution requirements and to the total semester hours specified for a particular degree program when approved by the dean of the college/school in which the student is subsequently a candidate for a degree. Information about CLEP is available at the Office of Transfer Affairs, 339 Waterman Building, (802) 656-0867 or email: