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University Professorships

  • The Williams Professorship of Mathematics, 1853, honors Azarias Williams of Concord, Vermont, merchant and judge, native of Sheffield, England, who in 1839 deeded to the University extensive land holdings.
  • The Marsh Professorship of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy was established in 1867 to honor James Marsh, distinguished UVM president and philosopher of the 1830’s. William E. Mann is the Marsh Professor.
  • The Pomeroy Professorship of Chemistry was established in 1878 by John N. Pomeroy, A.B., 1809, who lectured on chemistry and served as trustee of the University. William E. Geiger is the Pomeroy Professor.
  • The Howard Professorship of Natural History and Zoology was established in 1881 by John Purple Howard, a generous benefactor of the University. William Kilpatrick is the Howard Professor.
  • The Flint Professorship of Mathematics, Natural or Technic Science was established in 1895 by a bequest from Edwin Flint.
  • The Converse Professorship in Commerce and Economics was established in 1899 by John H. Converse, A.B., 1861, LL.D., 1897, who as a trustee of the University proposed the teaching of Latin, modern languages, history, and other subjects. William Gibson is the Converse Professor.
  • The Thayer Professorship in Anatomy was established in 1910 to honor Dr. Samuel White Thayer, Dean of the College of Medicine from 1854-71 and 1880-82, from contributions made by alumni of the College of Medicine. Rodney L. Parsons, Ph.D., is the Thayer Professor.
  • The McCullough Professorship of Political Science was established in 1926 through grants made by Gov. and Mrs. John G. McCullough. Frank Bryan, Professor of Political Science, is the McCullough Professor.
  • The Perkins Professorship of Zoology was established in 1931 to honor George H. Perkins, a teacher of science and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Judith L. Van Houten, Professor of Biology, is the Perkins Professor.
  • The Elliot W. Shipman Professorship of Ophthalmology was established in 1934 by a bequest from Dr. Elliot W. Shipman, M.D., 1885 and is held by Robert Millay, M.D..
  • The Lyman-Roberts Professorship of Classical Languages and Literature was established in 1941 to honor Robert Roberts, mayor of Burlington in the 1890’s and a University trustee from 1895-1939. Robert H. Rodgers, Professor of Classics, is the Lyman-Roberts Professor.
  • The Corse Professorship of English Language and Literature was established in 1952 by Frederick M. and Fannie C.P. Corse. Anthony G. Bradley, Professor of English, is the Frederick M. and Fannie C.P. Corse Professor.
  • The Lawrence Forensic Professorship of Speech was established in 1965 by Edwin W. Lawrence, lawyer and financier of Rutland, Vermont, A.B., 1901. Alfred C. Snider, Associate Professor of Theatre, is the Lawrence Professor.
  • The Sanders Professorship was established in 1968 by UVM alumni, honoring the Rev. Daniel Clarke Sanders, first president of the University.
  • The John L. Beckley Professorship in American Business was established in 1983 by John L. Beckley, 1934 graduate of UVM a trustee from 1966 to 1970, to encourage economic education. James M. Sinkula, Professor of Business Administration, is the Beckley Professor.
  • The Bishop Robert F. Joyce Distinguished University Professorship of Gerontology was established in 1983 by alumni and friends, honoring Robert F. Joyce, 1917 graduate, a trustee from 1948 to 1954, and Bishop of the R. C. Diocese of Burlington for 15 years. Stephen J. Cutler is the Joyce Professor.
  • The Ernest Hiram Buttles Chair in Pathology was established in 1984 to honor Ernest Hiram Buttles, Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, 1921 to 1946. Sharon L. Mount, M.D., is the Buttles Chair.
  • The McClure Professorship in Musculoskeletal Research was established in 1988 by J. Warren and Lois H. Mc- Clure. Bruce D. Beynon, Ph.D., is the McClure Professor.
  • The E. L. Amidon Chair in the Department of Medicine was established in 1989 to honor Dr. E.L. Amidon, a revered teacher and former chair of the Department of Medicine. Polly E. Parsons, M.D., is the Amidon Chair.
  • The Roger H. Allbee ’31 Professorship in Surgery was created in 1992 by Roger H. Allbee, M.D., ’31, to provide support for a research fellow in the Department of Surgery. Frederick Rogers, M.D., is the Allbee Professor.
  • The Gund Chair in Liberal Arts, established in 1995 by Gordon and Lulie Gund, provides the College of Arts and Sciences with the opportunity to attract a leading teacher-scholar to one of the liberal arts disciplines. Robert V. Bartlett is the Gund Chair.
  • The Harry W. Wallace Professorship in Neonatology was established in the Department of Pediatrics 1995 by the family of Harry W. Wallace to represent Mr. Wallace’s philanthropic interests. Jerold F. Lucey is the Wallace Professor.
  • The Dorothean Professorship was established in 1996 by Dr. Stuart Martin in memory of his wife, Dorothy Webster Martin, to support an outstanding individual in the field of engineering or a related science. Sean Wang is the Dorothean Chair.
  • The Henry and Carleen Tufo Chair in General Internal Medicine was created in 1999 by Henry M. and Carleen Ann Tufo to support continued excellence in teaching, research and patient care in General Internal Medicine. The Tufo Chair is held by Benjamin Littenberg, M.D.
  • The S.D. Ireland Family Professorship in Surgical Oncology was established in 1999 in recognition of the cancer research being conducted at the University of Vermont by David N. Krag, M.D., who serves as the S.D. Ireland Family Professor.
  • The Robert F. and Genevieve B. Patrick Chair in Nephrology was created in 2000 through a generous bequest from the estate of Genevieve Patrick. The endowment is intended to support the study or specialty of nephrology. F. John Gennari is the Patrick Chair.
  • The Patrick Chair in Watershed Planning and Science was established in 2000 from the estate of Genevieve Patrick, bequest to the University. W. “Breck” Bowden is the first Patrick chair.
  • The John Van Sicklen Maeck Chair in Obstetrics and Gynecology was established in 2000. The endowment supports the Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, who also holds the faculty position. It is currently held by Mark Phillippe, M.D.
  • The Gund Professorship of Ecological Economics was established in 2001 by Gordon and Lulie Gund and their sons, Grant and Zachary. The first Gund professor is Robert Costanza, who also directs the Gund Institute of Ecological Economics.
  • The Stanley S. Fieber ’48 Chair in Surgery was created in 2002 by Stanley S. Fieber, M.D. to enhance the research and educational activities of the Department of Surgery. David W. McFadden, M.D., is the Fieber Chair.
  • The Albert G. Mackay ’32 and H. Gordon Page ’45 Professorship in Surgical Education was established in 2005 to support the academic mission of the Department of Surgery. James Hebert, M.D., is the Mackay-Page Professor.
  • The Heinz and Rowena Ansbacher Green and Gold Professorship in Psychology was established by Max, Ben, Ted, and Charles Ansbacher in October 2004 to honor the lifetime achievement of their father and mother, Heinz and Rowena, in the field of Psychology, and the legacy of years Heinz spent imparting that knowledge as a Professor of Psychology at UVM. Rex Forehand is the first Ansbacher Green and Gold Professor.
  • The Cordell E. Gross Green and Gold Professorship in Neurosurgery was established in 2005. Bruce Tranmer is the Gross Green & Gold Professor.
  • The Duncan W. Persons ’34 Green & Gold Professorship in Opthalmology was established in 2003. Bryan Y. Kim, M.D., is the Persons Professor.
  • The Mary Kay Davignon Green and Gold Professorship was established in 2005 to support the strategic priorities of the Dean of Medicine. Lawrence Kein, M.D., is the Davignon Green & Gold Professor.
  • The John P. and Kathryn H. Tampas ’54 Green & Gold Professorship in Radiology was established in 2005 to support education and research in the Department of Radiology. Brian Garra, M.D., is the Tampas Green & Gold Professor.
  • The Samuel B. and Michelle D. Labow Green & Gold Professorship of Colon & Rectal Surgery was established in 2005 to support colon & rectal surgeons in the Department of Surgery. Neil Hyman, M.D., is the Labow Green & Gold Professor.
  • The A. Bradley Soule and John Tampas Green & Gold Professorship of Radiology was established in 2006 to support the Department of Radiology’s academic mission. Jeffrey Klein, M.D., is the Soule-Tampas Green & Gold Professor.

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