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Graduate Courses in Plant & Soil Science (PSS)

PSS 212 - Ecological Farm Mgmt
Applying basic ecological concepts and principles for practical farm management. Will cover integrated strategies for building healty soils, integrated pest management and advanced agroecology concepts. Pre/co-requisites: Senior in the Ecological Agriculture Major or Graduate Student. PSS 21, 106, 117, 161, 215 or permission.
Credits: 3.00
PSS 215 - Weed Ecology
Weed identification, reproduction, ecological relationships and integrated management strategies. Intended for students specializing in agriculture, applied botany, environmental science, and natural resources/wildlife management. Pre/co- requisite: PSS 161 or Instructor permission.
Credits: 0.00 or 3.00
PSS 217 - Ecol & Mgmt of Grazing Systems
Physiological and ecological relationships of pasture plants with grazing livestock; economic and ecological impact of grazing systems. Prerequisites: PSS 011 and PSS 143 or Instructor permission. Alternate years.
Credits: 3.00
PSS 238 - Ecological Landscape Design
Studio course synthesizing work from fields of landscape ecology and landscape design, exploring ecological design alternatives at multiple scales, and developing multifunctional landscape solutions. Pre/co-requisites: Minimum junior standing, at least design course, at least one course in ecology, or permission. Cross-listings: CDAE 238, ENVS 238, NR 238.
Credits: 3.00
PSS 261 - Soil Morph Class & Land Use
Field techniques that describe soil properties, formation, and classification. The principles and processes of soil genesis, land use classification systems, and land use challenges. Prerequisite: PSS 161 or Instructor permission. Alternate years.
Credits: 0.00 or 3.00
PSS 264 - Chemistry of Soil & Water
An environmentally oriented study of the colloidal chemistry of soil and its interfaces with roots, water, and air. Prerequisites: PSS 161, two semesters Chemistry or Instructor permission. Alternate years.
Credits: 0.00 or 4.00
PSS 266 - Soil Water Movement
Mathematical modeling and physical principles of the soil-water-plant interaction and its relationship to environmental and agricultural issues. Prerequisites: PSS 161, one semester of Physics or Instructor permission. Alternate years.
Credits: 3.00
PSS 268 - Soil Ecology
Underlying concepts and theory of modern soil ecology will be reviewed including spatial and temporal distributions, sampling methods, biogeochemical cycles, and ecological functions of soil. Pre/co-requisites: BCOR 102 or NR 103; PSS 161. Cross-listed with: NR 268.
Credits: 0.00 or 4.00
PSS 269 - Soil/Water Pollution/Bioremed
Examines key issues in pollution of soil and water. Topics include type of pollutants, their reactions in soil and water, pollution prevention and bioremediation. (Alternate years.)
Credits: 3.00
PSS 295 - Advanced Special Topics
Lectures, laboratories, readings, field projects, surveys, or research designed to provide specialized experience in horticulture, agronomy, soils, entomology, and integrated pest management. Pre-requisite: Permission.
Credits: 1.00 to 4.00
PSS 298 - Advanced Independent Study
Individual projects under direction of a faculty member. Project may involve original research, readings, internship, or assisting in teaching. Prerequisite: Instructor permission; more than a total of six credits per semester requires Chair permission.
Credits: 1.00 to 6.00
PSS 301 - Plant Science Colloquium
Graduate student and faculty discussion of current research topics in plant science.
Credits: 1.00
PSS 302 - Soil Science Colloquium
Graduate student and faculty discussion of current research topics in soil science.
Credits: 1.00
PSS 381 - Graduate Special Topics
Advanced readings and discussion of horticulture, crops, or soils research literature.
Credits: 1.00 to 3.00
PSS 391 - Master's Thesis Research
Credits: 1.00 to 18.00
PSS 491 - Doctoral Dissertation Research
Credits: 1.00 to 18.00