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Graduate Courses in Pathology (PATH)

PATH 295 - Special Topics
Credits: 3.00
PATH 305 - Molecular Mech Environ Disease
Introductory course on molecular and cellular pathways of disease induction and development. Emphasis on environmental diseases. For graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and undergraduates with permission of course director. Alternate years.
Credits: 3.00
PATH 306 - Pathobiology of Disease
Computer-assisted basic pathology series with emphasis on skin, lung, brain, and digestive tract. Alternate years with PATH 305.
Credits: 1.00
PATH 375 - ST:Molecular Pathobiology
Five independent, rotating one-semester modules concerning: Atherosclerosis, DNA Replication, Human Genetics, Cell Imaging Techniques, Cell Signalling in Differentiation and Apoptosis, and Cancer Genetics. Each course based on critical review of the primary literature. Altrnate years. Prerequisites: Biochemistry 301, 302 or instructor's permission. Open to undergraduates with instructor's permission.
Credits: 3.00
PATH 391 - Master's Thesis Research
Credits: 1.00 to 18.00
PATH 395 - Spec Top:Immunopathology
In-depth analysis of the role of the immune system in disease processes. Discussions center on current and controversial areas of immunopathology. Prerequisites: Immunology (Microbiology 223) desirable. Alternate year course with 305.
Credits: 5.00