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Graduate Courses in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)

MLS 221 - Clinical Chemistry I
Lectures and laboratory experiences introduce basic principles in clinical quantitative analysis and laboratory instrumentation; test results are correlated with clinical case studies. Prerequisites: CHEM 31 and 32, CHEM 141 or 42
Credits: 4.00
MLS 222 - Clinical Chemistry II
Lecture course detailing testing medical lab techniques and focusing on the pathophysiology of diseases when abnormal chemistry test results are present. Lab focuses on troubleshooting and problem solving. Prerequisite: MLS 221.
Credits: 4.00
MLS 231 - Hematology
Advanced theory and analysis of blood cell physiology and related pathology. Concepts of hemostasis and clinical assessment methods.
Credits: 4.00
MLS 255 - Clinical Microbiology
Advanced instruction in the study of clinically significant microorganisms, infectious disease process, and laboratory methods used for isolation and identification of microorganisms from clinical specimens. Fall. Prerequisite: One semester of microbiology.
Credits: 4.00
MLS 262 - Immunohematology
Advanced theory and experience related to human blood groups and transfusion practice. Prerequisite: MLS seniors only.
Credits: 4.00