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Graduate Courses in Forestry (FOR)

FOR 205 - Mineral Nutrition of Plants
Cross-listed with: BOT 205.
Credits: 3.00
FOR 222 - Advanced Silviculture
Scientific basis and contemporary status of silviculture practices. Prerequisite: FOR 223; permission. Alternate years, 2000-01.
Credits: 0.00 or 3.00
FOR 225 - Tree Structure & Function
Basic anatomy and physiology of trees and other woody plants, emphasizing their unique structural and physiological adaptations to the environment. Prerequisite: Permission.
Credits: 3.00
FOR 228 - Ecosystem Ecology
Examination of the structure and function of terrestrial ecosystems using a systems approach. Laboratory sessions involve modeling and data analysis. Prerequisites: Biology 1, 2, Chemistry 23, an intermediate ecology course, Natural Resources 140, Math. 19, Physics 11 or equivalent. Alternate years, 2002-03.
Credits: 2.00
FOR 231 - Integrated Forest Protection
Integration of concepts of forest protection using a holistic ecological approach to forest pest management. Detection, population dynamics, evaluation, prediction, and pest management considerations. Prerequisite: FOR 133, FOR 234, or Instructor permission. Alternate years, 2001-02.
Credits: 3.00
FOR 272 - Sustainable Mgmt Forest Ecosys
Principles of long-term planning and plan implementation in support of sustainable forestry; Adaptive management; biodiversity and ecosystem health; major management planning project. Prerequisite: FOR 122, NR 205; concurrent or prior enrollment in FOR 223, or Graduate standing.
Credits: 0.00 or 4.00
FOR 285 - Advanced Special Topics
Advanced special topics courses or seminars in forestry beyond the scope of existing formal courses. Prerequisite: Graduate or advanced undergraduate standing; Instructor permission. Credit as arranged.
Credits: 0.00 to 6.00
FOR 382 - Seminar in Research Planning
Discussions of the planning and activities associated with Graduate student projects and research. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission. Cross-listed with: NR 382. Cross-listed with: NR 382.
Credits: 1.00
FOR 385 - Selected Problems in Forestry
Advanced readings, or a special investigation dealing with a topic beyond the scope of existing formal courses. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
Credits: 1.00 to 6.00
FOR 391 - Master's Thesis Research
Credits: 1.00 to 6.00
FOR 392 - Master's Project Research
Credits: 1.00 to 6.00