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Academic Policies and General Information

Tuition and Fees for Undergraduate Students

The student expenses outlined in the following paragraphs are anticipated charges for the 2007-2008 academic year. Changing costs may require adjustment of these charges before the beginning of the fall semester. To view charges approved by the Board of Trustees after the May 2007 board meeting please visit the Web Site (under the tuition and expenses link).Link out of catalogue site.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application of $45 is charged each applicant for admission to a University degree program.

Acceptance Payment

To reserve a space in the class or semester admitted, students should send the Admissions Office an acceptance fee for $300 made payable to The University of Vermont.

First-year students entering in the fall have a May 1 deadline for paying the acceptance fee. Transfer candidates and all candidates admitted for the spring semester will have a payment deadline printed with their acceptance materials.

Acceptance fee refunds will be given up until May 1 for students admitted for fall semester. Transfer students and students admitted for spring semester may receive a refund up to the payment deadline noted on the enrollment card.

Estimated Yearly Expenses

Listed below are estimated expenses (excluding transportation, laundry, and spending money) based on the regular tuition for undergraduate students followed by explanation of these charges.

Estimated Yearly Expenses
Resident Nonresident
Tuition $10,422 $26,306
Housing (Double Room) $8,024 $8,024
Comprehensive Student Fee $1,458 $1,458
Inter-Residence Association Fee $24 $24
Optional Student Accident
and Sickness Insurance (Estimated)
$837 $837
Student Government Association Fee $150 $150
Textbooks and Supplies (Estimated) $936 $936


In-State Students: $434 per credit hour through 11.5 hours. From 12-18 credit hours - $5,211 per semester plus $434 per credit hour for each hour in excess of 18 hours.

Out-of-State Students: $1,096 per credit hour through 11.5 hours. From 12-18 credit hours - $13,153 per semester plus $1,096 per credit hour for each hour in excess of 18 hours.

Note: Courses taken for audit are also included in determining the number of credit hours for which a student is billed.

Housing Charges

Room and Board: All housing agreement include both room and board and are legally binding for the nine-month academic year. Each occupant is liable for the yearly rent, one half to be paid each semester.

For information related to housing, please refer to: Web site. For information related to meal plans, please visit: Web Site.

Comprehensive Student Fee

This fee is used to cover the operating, capital costs, and improvements of the Library, Student Center, Athletic Complex, Center for Health and Wellbeing, Campus Transportation services, Instructional Technology, and other Student Services.

Inter-Residence Association Fee

A $24 per year ($12 per semester) fee is charged to each resident to be used for activities within the residence hall system.

Student Insurance

Students not covered by the health insurance policy of a parent, guardian, or spouse must purchase the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Policy. Students covered by other policies may choose to change or add the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Policy.

For additional information please visit the Web page of the Center for Health & WellbeingLink out of catalogue site.

Student Government Association Fee

Undergraduate degree students enrolled in five or more credit hours are charged a fee of $150 per year ($75 per semester). This fee is allocated by the Student Government Association toward the support of student organizations and student activities.

Fees for Part-time Students

Students enrolled in one to four credit hours in a semester will be charged $10 per credit to offset costs associated with registration.

A comprehensive fee is charged to all part-time students enrolled in five but less than 12 credit hours in a semester, as follows:

Credits Enrolled Per Semester Fee
5 $312
6 $348
7 $392
8 $436
9 to 11.5 $476

Books and Supplies

The estimated yearly cost of books and supplies at $936 is a low average. Some particular curricula may require one time purchases which will change this amount.

Physical Therapy students will be responsible for the cost of medically-required vaccinations, transportation, and living expenses (including room and board) during clinical affiliation periods. All Physical Therapy students are required to carry professional liability insurance prior to enrolling in the clinical experience.

Nuclear Medicine Technology and Radiation Therapy students are responsible for lab coats and other related expenses.

Professional Nursing students are responsible for the cost of clinical attire, vaccinations, CPR certification, and other related expenses prior to the clinical experience.

Students enrolled in art courses should expect to incur a lab or materials cost roughly equivalent to the cost of books in other courses. In certain courses, instructional materials are purchased in bulk by the department and costs are prorated among students at a far lower rate than if they were purchased individually.