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Academic Policies and General Information

Study Abroad

The Office of International Education (OIE), located in B162 of the Living/Learning Center, is an advising and resource center for students interested in a year, semester, or summer study abroad experience. Study Abroad Advisors maintain extensive information about study abroad programs, institutions, and volunteer opportunities. They, in conjunction with the academic advisor and the Office of Transfer Affairs, help students identify programs appropriate to their needs and arrange credit approval from UVM. All students intending to study abroad and receive transfer credit from UVM are required to visit the OIE and to complete the Study Abroad Approval Form prior to departure. Contact the OIE for deadlines. Official approval is required for students to be guaranteed that their programs of study are eligible for transfer credit and that any financial aid will apply. There is a $400 study abroad fee for semester and year-long programs and a $200 fee for summer programs.

To be approved to study abroad, students must:

  1. Be a registered UVM student.
  2. Have completed two semesters at UVM or sophomore standing.
  3. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, or between 2.0 and 2.5 with a minimum semester average of 2.5 for each of the last two semesters prior to studying abroad.
  4. Meet the admissions criteria of a University approved study abroad program. University approved programs include those programs on the UVM Approved List.

Students with a GPA above 2.0 who do not qualify under point two above may petition their academic dean for permission to study abroad. Students seeking such permission should request an Academic Eligibility Form from their Study Abroad Advisor in the Office of International Education to be signed by their academic dean.

Students who have been dismissed or are on academic trial are generally not eligible to participate in study abroad programs. Under no circumstances will a student on disciplinary suspension the semester before studying abroad, and/or the semester they are scheduled to study abroad, receive official UVM approval for overseas study.

For more information about eligibility requirements for study abroad, visit the Office of International Education Web site.

UVM Exchange Programs

UVM participates in a number of exchange programs with institutions around the world. In an exchange program, all UVM students exchange places with a student from a foreign institution. Exchange programs are a good financial value. These programs provide direct immersion into the academics and culture of the country. Although most exchange programs require a good command of the host language, many offer programs entirely in English. Students qualifying for tuition remission may also use that assistance to refund a portion of their exchange programs costs. The host institution issues a transcript at the end of the program to enable students to receive transfer credit.

UVM/University of Western Australia Exchange Program

This program in Perth, Australia, was developed by UVM's Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources (RSENR), and RSENR students will receive priority placement to pursue their studies in natural resources. Courses are also offered in business, arts and sciences, agriculture, Asian studies, and Aboriginal studies. For more information, contact the OIE.

UVM/University of Belgrano Exchange Program

This program in Buenos Aires, Argentina can accommodate various levels of non-native Spanish speakers and students can choose courses in Spanish language and literature, culture, history, economics, and politics. For more information, contact the OIE.

UVM/University of Lapland Exchange Program

This exchange program in Finland is designed especially for Social Work majors and offers UVM students the opportunity to study social work in English. For more information, contact the OIE.

UVM/Sussex Exchange Program

This exchange is located at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. Sussex is well recognized for both its humanities and social science offerings as well as its science and engineering programs. Twenty percent of the Sussex student body is international. For more information, contact the OIE.

UVM/Augsburg Exchange Program

This exchange is with the Universität Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. The UVM student needs to have a solid command of the German language and be pursuing German or European Studies. For more information, contact the OIE.

UVM/Kansai Gaidai Exchange Program

Students interested in Japanese language and culture may spend a semester or year studying at this university near Osaka, Japan. For more information, contact the OIE.

UVM/Vienna Exchange Program

Students interested in international business may spend a semester or year studying at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Vienna, Austria. All courses are taught in English. For more information, contact the OIE.

UVM/Edith Cowen Exchange Program

This exchange program located in Perth, Australia was developed by UVM's School of Nursing. This provides opportunity for nursing students to take classes in their major overseas. For more information, contact School of Nursing, or the OIE.

UVM/Stockholm Exchange Program

This exchange program with the Stockholm Institute of Education, Stockholm, Sweden, provides opportunities for preK-3 education students to study for the spring semester. For more information, contact College of Education and Social Services, or the OIE.

UVM/Irkutsk State University Exchange

This exchange program in Russia will allow students of the Russian language to test the skills they have learned in the classroom in a real world setting. It will help students hone their mastery of Russian and will provide them with many opportunities to learn the subtle nuances of the language. For more information contact Dr. Kevin McKenna, Department of German & Russian, or the OIE.

UVM/Aoyama Gakuin Exchange Program

This exchange is located at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan. Most courses ate taught in Japanese, so a minimum of one year of Japanese taken at the college level is required.

UVM/Newcastle Exchange Program

This exchange is located at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom. This University is one of the UK’s leading institutions and is a major teaching and research establishment.

UVM/Leon Exchange Program

This exchange is located at La Universidad de Leon in Leon, Spain. Most courses are taught in Spanish, so a minimum of two years of Spanish taken at the college level is required.

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

This program enables UVM students to study in more than 100 sites in 46 different countries in Europe, Asia, Canada, Africa, and Latin America. Many sites offer instruction in English, as well as in the language of the host country. For more information, contact the OIE.

UVM Faculty-led Programs Abroad

UVM offers several short-term travel study programs. Most of these UVM faculty-led programs are three-credit courses offered during the summer or January break. Previous program locations have included Mexico, England, Anguilla, Finland, Ireland, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Samoa. These programs are open to degree students and individuals who have already obtained college degrees. For a complete listing and fee information, visit Continuing Education Web site Link out of catalogue site.or or the Office of International Education Web site Link out of catalogue site..


Belize - Spring Semester

The UVM program in Belize focuses on sustainable development, combining academic coursework with service/project-based learning. Galen University, with its commitment to sustainable development, provides the academic framework through classes taught by UVM and Galen faculty. Belize – with its community-based approach to solving problems and its unique natural and cultural resources, including one of the most protected and biodiverse ecosystems on earth – provides the “laboratory” in which classroom theories can be applied in a developing country context.

Oaxaca: Culture, Community and Place - Spring Semester

UVM's Oaxaca Semester Abroad Program enables students to earn a full semester of UVM credit, while living and learning in Mexico. Students live with families where they have a chance to practice their Spanish conversational skills and to observe first-hand the Mexican culture. While different courses may be offered in a particular semester, all courses enable students to develop a better understanding of the economic, political, cultural, historical and artistic forces influencing life today in Mexico. Course instruction is in English, except for intensive Spanish language courses at the student’s individual level. Courses are problem-based to take advantage of the rich learning laboratory Oaxaca provides. Prerequisites include: two semesters of college Spanish (or equivalent), instructor permission, and a short application.

Sponsored Programs

The Buckham Overseas Studies Program in England is a scholarship program at the University of Kent, Canterbury, administered by the College of Arts and Sciences and funded through a generous endowment from the Buckham family. The program runs for the full academic year and is designed to provide an opportunity for up to 20 exceptional English majors to spend their junior year at a modern university in an ancient British city. Living and studying in a fully integrated way with English students, the UVM students earn up to 32 credits. Cost of participation, including tuition, transportation, room and partial board, does not normally exceed the costs incurred during a year on the UVM campus.

To apply to the program, a student must be an English major with a cumulative and an English GPA of 3.0 and have earned at least 60 credit hours (including English 85 and 86) by the time the scholarship begins. For further information, contact Professor Helen Scott, Department of English, 417 Old Mill; (802) 656-4172.

UVM-Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

Spring Semester Program in Grenoble, France, in International Business

This program provides an opportunity for students interested in international business, economics, and trade to participate in an English-speaking program while gaining exposure to France's history, language, and culture. For more information, contact Professor Peter Battelle, School of Business Administration, 209 Kalkin Hall, UVM, or the OIE.

Junior-Year-in-Salzburg Program

This academic-year program at the University of Salzburg, Austria, is open to qualified UVM undergraduates in all major fields. Basic requirements are: completion of sophomore year; a minimum of two years of college-level German with a B average; and good academic standing (a cumulative average of 2.5). For information, contact Professor Helga Schreckenberger, Department of German and Russian, UVM or the OIE.

The Swedish Program

Sponsored by the University of Stockholm and a consortium of participating American colleges and universities (of which UVM is a member), this non-profit program focuses upon organizations and public policy in every social science discipline. Its curriculum is thematically specific, interdisciplinary, and relevant to the host country (Sweden). For more information, contact Professor Anthony Magistrale, English Department, 400 Old Mill, or the OIE.

Other Popular Study Abroad Programs

The following programs are just a few of those on the UVM Approved List. These programs have been especially popular among faculty, staff, and students. For a complete Approved List, contact the Office of International Education, or refer to the Office of International Education Web site Link out of catalogue site..

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)

A publicly owned company, AIFS Inc. is a nationwide organization that provides comprehensive overseas study and travel programs in Argentina, Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, England, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, and Spain.

Round River Conservation Studies

Round River Conservation Studies,, offers field intensive semester and summer programs working with black rhinos and other African species in Namibia; an array of wildlife, such as the Spectacled Bear, in the cloud forests of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador; and Grizzly Bears in the wilds of the Taku River and Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. These programs are designed to get students involved first-hand with local conservation issues by conducting field work with researchers at the Save the Rhino Trust in Namibia, the Fundacion Cordillera Tropical in Ecuador, and the Taku River Tlingit and Heiltsuk First Nations in Canada, where students’ efforts contribute directly to on-going projects studying and protecting wildlife, their habitat, and the local communities of people living in these areas.

Institute for the International Education of Students

This nonprofit organization sponsors programs in Argentina, Australia, Austria, China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Spain. Semester, year, and summer options are available.

School for International Training (SIT)

SIT is an accredited college of World Learning Inc., which was founded in 1932 as The U.S. Experiment in International Living. More than 50 experientially-focused programs are offered in over 40 countries, including the continents of Africa, Asia, and South America. All programs include a Life and Culture Seminar, a Methods and Techniques of Field Study Seminar, an Independent Study Project, a home-stay opportunity, and, if appropriate, an intensive language study.