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Military Studies

Army Reserve Officerís Training Corps (ROTC) Program

The Army ROTC program offers men and women the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills that lead to an officer commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. Instruction focuses on leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, ethics, and military doctrine.

Department Course Offerings The four-year Military Studies program at UVM consists of a two-year Basic Course (first-year and sophomore year) and a two-year Advanced Course (junior and senior year). Attending the 30-day Leaderís Training Course (LTC) after the sophomore year replaces the Basic Course.

Interdepartmental Course Offerings The Military Studies Department also offers one-credit courses in related fields on behalf of the UVM Department of Physical Education including: Course PEAC 014 - Orienteering, PEAC 017 - Military Fitness, and PEAC 019 - Backpacking. Students do not need to participate in ROTC to take these courses. These PEAC courses incur no military obligation.

Army ROTC Scholarships and Financial Aid
Two, three, and four year Army ROTC Scholarships paying full tuition, full fees, and $900 a year for books are available to qualified applicants. Application for the four-year Army ROTC scholarship is made during the high school senior year by applying electronically at www. All other Army ROTC scholarship applications are made through the department.

Financial Aid: Contracted sophomore, junior, and senior ROTC students can earn up to $6,300 a year through the simultaneous membership program (SMP), which involves participation in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves.

Subsistence Allowance All contracted cadets receive a monthly ROTC stipend. The stipend is first-year: $300/month, sophomore: $350/month, junior: $450/month, senior: $500/month.

The Department of Military Studies is located at 128 University Heights, (802) 656-2966. E-mail: Homepage: