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Academic Policies and General Information

Reapplying to the University as an Undergraduate

Applicants denied admission for a given semester may reapply for the following semester. Anyone reapplying must re-submit an application form, update any academic information, and send the appropriate application fee. Essays may be adjusted to reflect applicant's recent activities. These individuals should contact the Admissions Office to discuss academic work that would improve their chances for admission.

Under certain conditions, candidates offered admission who choose not to attend in a given semester can defer entry for up to two semesters with permission from the Admissions Office. After that period or if the admitted candidate failed to request deferred admission, another application and fee must be filed for review by the Admissions Office.

Former degree students at the University of Vermont who withdrew for any reason must see the dean of his/her former UVM college or school to request re-entry. The Admissions Office does not readmit former degree students.