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Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Admissions

The Admissions Office recognizes that candidates who have been out of formal schooling for a period of five years or more have life experiences that are different from traditional-age students.

While nontraditional candidates are expected to present strong academic credentials for admission, they can write to the Admissions Office to request a waiver of the standardized test score requirement, may adjust application essays to reflect their experiences, and may substitute a letter of recommendation from an employer or friend in lieu of the guidance counselor recommendation.

As with every applicant for admission, however, nontraditional candidates are required to present official documents of all academic work, including high school transcript and/or General Education Development certificate (GED Link out of catalogue site.) and transcripts of all college-level work attempted. The Admissions Office looks for previous academic performance that would predict success at the University.

Nontraditional applicants who are missing one or two requirements are reviewed on a case-by-case basis; if a record is otherwise acceptable, the Admissions Office may offer admission with a clause requiring completion of missing requirements prior to enrollment or concurrent with the UVM degree program. UVM does not grant college credit through portfolio assessment. Nontraditional candidates may explore credit options through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP Link out of catalogue site.) or through UVM's Credit by Examination.

Nontraditional learners considering a degree program at UVM may make an appointment with an admissions counselor to discuss the chances for admission. The Admissions Office is able to advise more accurately if individuals bring all academic records with them to the appointment. These documents are used for advising only and do not need to be official.