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Academic Policies and General Information

Nondegree Students

This category applies to students who have presented minimum credentials and have been permitted to undertake limited course work up to six credit hours, or two courses, per semester for a purpose other than the earning of a degree. Approval from Continuing Education is necessary for a student to exceed the six-credit maximum. Credits earned by nondegree students who later apply and gain admission to a degree program will be evaluated and, if appropriate, will be accepted toward completion of their degree.

Nondegree students may enroll for a maximum of six credits or two courses per semester in the day program.

Selection of courses for those having long-range plans of earning a degree in the daytime program should be made on the basis of information given in this catalogue. Students interested in making a formal application for admission to the University should contact the Admissions Office.

Students presently enrolled and in good standing at another institution may take courses at UVM to transfer to their institutions. These visiting students are considered nondegree students and should contact Continuing Education for information and registration material.

Before completing 30 credits of course work through the evening program or summer session, degree-bound students should consult with an advisor at Continuing Education, submit an application for formal admission to UVM, and then should consult with the appropriate dean's office to structure further courses into a degree program.

All nondegree students who would like assistance in planning educational programs and selecting courses should contact Continuing Education, (802) 656-2085.