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Requirements for All Undergraduate Degree Students

College and School Requirements

Undergraduate degrees are conferred on the recommendation of the colleges/schools. Specific degree requirements may be found in the catalogue sections devoted to the respective colleges/schools.


To be eligible for graduation, a student must have attained a cumulative grade-point average sufficient to meet the minimum requirements for the college/school in which the student is officially enrolled. Beginning with the class of 1984, the minimum grade-point average for graduation is 2.00. Grades in courses accepted for transfer credit are excluded in computing this average.

UVM Residency in Last 30 of 45 Credit Hours

Every degree candidate must have taken 30 of the last 45 credit hours (15 of the last 30 for two-year students) in residence at the University before being awarded their degree. An exception to this rule exists for those students who have completed three years of premedical study in the University and are awarded their degrees after successful completion of one year of study in any approved college of medicine. Other exceptions to this rule may be made only upon decision of the dean or the appropriate faculty committee of the student's college/school.

Second Bachelor's Degree

A student may earn more than one degree by satisfying all of the requirements for those degrees.

Physical Education Requirement

Two physical education credits, normally completed during the first or sophomore year, are required of all undergraduate students in four-year programs. These credits will be included in the total number of hours required for graduation. Students may opt to take physical education on a pass/no pass basis. Medical examinations are required of all new students. Those with serious conditions may be given restricted work or may be excused by the Director of the Student Health Center.

Students 25 years of age or older at time of admission or readmission are exempt from physical education requirements.