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Regulations Governing Academic Standards

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Studies Committee reviews the semester grades of all students in the college whose semester or cumulative grade- point average falls below the 2.00 minimum, as well as the academic progress of all students placed on academic probation the previous semester. Detailed information may be obtained from the CALS Student Services Office, 106 Morrill Hall, (802) 656-2980.


A student whose semester grade-point average falls below a 2.00 will be placed "on trial" and will be given a target semester average to achieve by the end of the following semester. A student whose semester grade-point average is below a 1.00, or who fails to achieve the stated target average while "on trial," may be placed on "intermediate trial." Any student with a prolonged history of poor grades, including students who consistently fail to achieve the target semester average, may be placed on "final trial." A student who does not achieve the target semester grade-point average while on "final trial" is a candidate for dismissal from the University.


A student may appeal a dismissal by submitting a written appeal to the CALS Studies Committee within two working days of the receipt of the dismissal letter. The student will be asked to appear in person before the Studies Committee to appeal the case.

Continuing Education and Readmission

A student who has been dismissed from the College may take up to six credits of course work through UVM Continuing Education in an attempt to improve his/her grades. To gain readmission to the College, the student must achieve no less than a 2.67 semester average on the six credits. Dismissed students may enroll in six credits at another institution, and should work with the Office of Transfer Affairs to insure transferability.