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Justin Morril Honors Program

The Justin Morrill Honors Program is a four-year honors sequence for CALS students who are accepted into the University Honors College. It is designed for highly qualified and motivated students desiring an academically challenging undergraduate experience in the broad areas of the life sciences and agriculture.

In their first two years, Justing Morrill scholars will join honors students from across the univsersity in small, interdisciplinary, honors seminars conducted by renowned scholars from the University of Vermont and other institutions. In their junior and senior years, Justin Morrill scholars do honors work within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The program culminates with an honors thesis, an opportunity to conduct independent scholarly research under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Entering first-year students with outstanding academic records will be invited to participate in the Honors College. Scholars will be required to maintain a minimum grade point average, participate in program activities, enroll in honors classes and successfully complete a Senior Honors Thesis.

Matriculated students in CALS who demostrate academic excellence during their first year may apply for sophomore admission to the Honors College.