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Art History (Bachelor of Arts)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Thirty credits in Art History, including six credits from ART 005, ART 006 and ART 008; 12 credits to include three credits from each of four different categories (ART 196 courses in these categories also qualify): Ancient and Medieval (ART 146, ART 148, ART 149, ART 155), Early Modern European (ART 158, ART 161, ART 164, ART 165), Modern, American, and Canadian (ART 170, ART 172, ART 174, ART 177, ART 180), Asian (ART 185, ART 187, ART 188, ART 192), Other Non-Western Traditions, New Approaches to Art History, and Contemporary Art (ART 140, ART 179, ART 189, ART 199); 12 additional Art History credits, to include at least one course (three credits) numbered 282 or above to be taken during the junior or senior year, preferably during the senior year. Six credits of Studio Art; the study of a foreign language through 51-52. French or German is strongly recommended for students considering eventual graduate work in Art History.