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Anatomy and Neurobiology (Master of Science)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Graduate Studies for the Degree of Master of Science

Students are admitted to the Ph. D. program only, not to a M. S. program. Ph. D. students may subsequently complete a M. S. degree with the permission of the Department.

Requirements for Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Master of Science

Satisfactory completion of required courses and research rotations. Acceptance of a written report and oral presentation on the proposed thesis as approved by the Research and Dissertation Committee.

Minimum Degree Requirements

Thirty credits of courses and research, including Anatomy and Neurobiology 301, 302, 311; comprehensive examination. Additional credits as arranged for laboratory research leading to a dissertation. A grade of B or better must be obtained in any course taken in Anatomy and Neurobiology.