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Agricultural and Resource Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate Minor)

Specific Requirements

Any student interested in enrolling in this minor should contact the Community Development and Applied Economics Department. If accepted, the student will be assigned a "minor advisor" from the department who must approve all program plans and course selections.

Fifteen to sixteen credits including 12 credits in required courses CDAE 166, CDAE 167, CDAE 168, CDAE 266; one course three to four credits from the following restricted electives: CDAE 157, CDAE 264, CDAE 267.

Arts and Sciences Majors: This minor is also available for Arts and Sciences students. Courses required are: CDAE 061, CDAE 166, CDAE 167, CDAE 168, and CDAE 266. Arts and Sciences students should note that BSAD 065, MATH 019, and CS 002 or instructor permission are listed as prerequisites for some of the upper level courses.