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Policies and General Information

Advising Resources

In addition to an assigned faculty advisor, a variety of other advising resources are available to undergraduates:

The Learning Cooperative represents a collaborative effort on the part of academic and student affairs offices to improve the ability of students to benefit fully from their academic experiences. The Learning Coop supplements the academic environment by providing developmental instruction in writing, reading, and study skills, works with students to develop good learning strategies for challenging courses, and maintains a campus-wide tutoring program.

Prehealth Advising assists undergraduate students with the admissions requirements for dental and medical school. A library of resource materials is maintained which includes literature on alternative health careers, school catalogues, and premedical education journals.

Preveterinary Advising is available to discuss plans for graduate school and employment in animal science career areas. A selection of catalogues, pamphlets, and other related literature is maintained.

International Student Advising is provided through the Office of International Education to assist international students with personal and academic problems, as well as matters relating to immigration and social and cultural adjustment. A special pre-orientation program, prior to the beginning of the fall semester, provides new international students with an introduction to the University and the Burlington community. An active campus International Club provides an opportunity for international students to contribute to campus life and to make friends outside the classroom. Other clubs with an international focus, such as the Overseas Development Network, are also available. Students planning to study abroad should also consult the Office of International Education, which is located at B161, Living/Learning Center.

Multicultural Student Advising at the ALANA Student Center provides broad based support aimed at ensuring the success of Multicultural students at UVM. Services include: academic advising; linking students to resources and opportunities on campus; tutoring; peer mentoring; social and cultural networking. Students may elect to take part in The Summer Enrichment Scholarship Program. A pre-first year opportunity that offers an academic experience (6 credits) and provides an introduction to campus and college life before the official start of the school year.

Prelaw Advising is provided through both Career Services and faculy and staff pre-law advisors in the College of Arts & Sciences. Career Services also sponsors workshops, panel discussions and visiting law school representatives. More onformation regarding pre-law advising can be found at:

Career Services assists students who are exploring academic majors, internships, work-study positions, full and part-time work opportunities and future career options. Advising is provided as early as first semester and is offered throughout a studentís academic career at UVM.

Continuing Education Advising assists nondegree students and nontraditional students on course selection, how to apply for a degree program, general information about UVM academic resources, and career and life planning. The advisors work with individuals who are returning to school after raising a family or working outside the home, who are considering a career change, or who have recently graduated from high school.