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Policies and General Information

Admissions Requirements and Recommendations by UVM College/School

Each of the University's undergraduate colleges and schools reserves the right to set additional requirements for their majors and to recommend courses of study beyond the minimum presented below.

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Required courses: 1 year of biology and 1 year of chemistry for science majors.

Recommended: All candidates to the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences are strongly encouraged to take 1 year of physics and at least 1 year of college preparatory math beyond Algebra II (calculus is preferred) in addition to biology and chemistry.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Required courses: 1 year of biology and 1 year of chemistry for all majors; 4 years of math, including trigonometry, for all majors outside of nursing.

Recommended: Proficiency in physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics through trigonometry.

College of Arts & Sciences

Recommended: Candidates are evaluated on the breadth and depth of their academic record, and performance in courses across the span of liberal arts disciplines. Candidates are strongly encouraged to present 4 years of mathematics, including trigonometry. Candidates are also encouraged to do foreign language study during all four years of high school and not to limit it to their first and second years. While American Sign Language fulfills a requirement for admission to the University, studying American Sign in high school will not prepare students to fulfill the foreign language distribution requirement in Arts and Sciences once they are enrolled in the University.

Business Administration

Required: Four years of college preparatory mathematics with high achievement. This includes at least one year of college preparatory mathematics beyond Algebra II. Trigonometry or pre-calculus courses are preferred.

Recommended: Potential business students are strongly encouraged to enroll in science course work beyond the minimum requirements.

College of Education & Social Services

Recommended: Candidates for the Human Development and Family Studies and Social Work programs are encouraged to complete 1 year of biology. Candidates in all teacher education programs are strongly encouraged to pursue mathematics and science course work beyond the minimum requirement.

Students applying to teacher licensure majors must present solid mathematics preparation for the PRAXIS teacher certification examinations.

College of Engineering & Mathematics


  • 4 years of mathematics, which includes trigonometry or pre-calculus for all majors
  • 1 year of chemistry and 1 year of physics is required for all engineering majors
  • 2 years of a laboratory-based science for non-engineering majors (CS, CSIS, Math, and Statistics)

School of Natural Resources

Required: 1 year of biology as part of the science requirement.

Recommended: Students applying to the School of Natural Resources are urged to present a fourth year of college preparatory math and to continue taking science courses.