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A to Z Policies — A B C D E F G H I L M N O P R S T U V W Y

See also: Undergraduate Admission Policies, Undergraduate Academic and General Information, Graduate College Policies


Abroad, Undergraduate Study
Academic Advising, Undergraduate
Academic Calendar Link out of catalogue site.
Academic Reprieve Policy, Undergraduate
Academic Support Programs
Acceptance Fee, Undergraduate
Add/Drop, Undergraduate Course
Additional Fees, Undergraduate
Address and Name Exclusion Policy
Admission, Graduate
Admission, Undergraduate
Admission, Undergraduate General Requirements for
Admission, Undergraduate International
Admission, Undergraduate Nontraditional
Admission, Undergraduate Transfer
Admission Programs, Undergraduate
Admission Tests, Graduate
Admitted Student Information, Undergraduate
Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
ALIVE (Academic Learning Integrated with Volunteer Experience)
Application and Supporting Materials, Undergraduate
Application Deadlines, Undergraduate
Application Deadlines and Procedures, Graduate
Articulation Agreements, Undergraduate
Attendance Policy
Auditing, Policy on


Bad Grades, Academic Reprieve and Low Scholarship Policies for Undergraduates
Benefits for Veterans
Bill Adjustment and Refund Policies
Books and Supplies for Undergraduates
Budgeted Payment
Business Administration, Undergraduate Fee for School of


Calendar, Academic Link out of catalogue site.
Cancellation Policy for Undergraduates
Change of Program, Graduate
Changes in Credit Load Hour
Class Standing
Classroom Code of Conduct for Undergraduates
CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)
Community College of Vermont/UVM
Comprehensive Student Fee, Graduate
Comprehensive Student Fee, Undergraduate
Computer Requirements
Concurrent Master's and Doctor of Philosophy Credit
Conferral of Graduate Degrees
Continuous Registration, Graduate
Course, Add/Drop/Withdrawal
Credit, Ways to Earn Undergraduate
Credit by Examination Fee


Deactivation and Reactivation, Graduate
Deadlines for Application, Undergraduate
Dean's List, Undergraduate
Death, Policy on
Degree Requirements, Graduate: Masters Degree
Degree Requirements, Graduate: Doctor of Education
Degree Requirements, Graduate: Doctor of Philosophy
Degree Requirements, Undergraduate General
Degree Students, Undergraduate
Determining Financial Need, Factors
Disabilities, Services for Students with
Dismissal Policy
Drop/Add, Undergraduate Course
Drop/Add, Graduate Course


Early Decision
Eligibility, Undergraduate Financial Aid
Engineering, Undergraduate Fee for Colle of
English as a Second Language Program
Enrollment, Undergraduate - Degree
Enrollment, Undergraduate - Nondegree
Enrollment Deadlines, Undergraduate
Enrollment for Graduate Credit, Undergraduate
Enrollment Policies and Procedures, Graduate
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy
Equal Opportunity in Educational Programs and Activities Policy
Evening Programs
Examination, Graduate Credit by
Examination, Undergraduate Credit by
Exams and Grading Policy, Undergraduate
Exchange Programs for Undergraduates
Expenses, Estimated Undergraduate


Fees, Graduate
Fees, Undergraduate
Fees, Undergraduate Unique and Optional
FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
Financial Aid, Graduate
Financial Aid, Undergraduate
Foreign Study, Undergraduate
Freedom of Expression and Dissent


General Admissions Criteria for Graduates
General Admissions Criteria for Undergraduates
Grading and Exams Policy, Undergraduate
Grade Appeals
Graduate Credit, Undergraduate Enrollment for
Graduate Teaching Fellow Award
Guaranteed Admission Program


Health Services
Holidays, Religious
Honesty, Academic
Honors, Graduate
Honors, Undergraduate University
Housing Charges, Graduate
Housing Charges, Undergraduate


Independent Study Courses, Undergraduate
Information for Admitted Undergraduate Students
Insurance, Undergraduate Student
International Student Admissions, Undergraduate
International Study, Undergraduate
In-State Status Regulations
IRA (Inter-residence Association)
IRA (Inter-residence Association) Fee


Late Payment Service Charge
Leave of Absence, Graduate
Leave of Absence, Undergraduate
Locker-Towel Fee
Low Scholarship, Undergraduate


Matriculation Status, Undergraduate
Military Service, Credit for
Military Studies Program
Minimum Entrance Requirements, Undergraduate
Mission, University
Music Performance Fee


Name and Address Exclusion Policy
Nondegree Students, Graduate
Nondegree Students, Undergraduate
Nontraditional Student Admissions, Undergraduate
Notification Dates for Undergraduate Admissions
Notification of Rights Under FERPA for Post-Secondary Institutions


Optional Fees, Undergraduate
Our Common GroundLink out of catalogue site.
Overseas Programs


Part-Time Student Fees, Undergraduate
Pass-No Pass Option
Payment of Obligations
Payment Policy, Undergraduate
Policies of the Graduate College
Procedures, Undergraduate Application


Reactivation and Deactivation, Graduate
Reapplying to the University
Refund Policies
Registration, Undergraduate
Repeated Courses
Reprieve Policy, Undergraduate Academic
Requirements, Undergraduate Degree
Residency Regulations
Responsibility, Graduate Student
Responsibility, Undergraduate Student
Responsibility, University
Retroactive Academic Adjustment, Undergraduate
Room and Board, Undergraduate


St. Michael's College/UVM Dual Degree Program in Engineering
Scholars, Graduate University
Scholarships, Undergraduate
Standing, Undergraduate Class
Stipends, Graduate Summer Research
Student Government Association
Student Information, Undergraduate Admitted
Student Responsibility, Graduate
Student Responsibility, Undergraduate
Study Abroad Programs, Undergraduate
Summer Programs
Supplies Expenses, Undergraduate Books and


Time Limits for Degree Completion, Graduate Maximum
Transfer of Credit, Graduate
Transfer of Credit, Undergraduate
Travel Mini-Grants, Graduate
Travel Study Programs, Undergraduate
Tuition and Fees, Graduate
Tuition and Fees, Undergraduate


Undergraduate Enrollment for Graduate Credit
Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
Unique Fees, Undergraduate
University Honors, Undergraduate
University Responsibility
University Scholars, Graduate


Veterans Advising and Benefits


Withdrawal, Graduate Degree Program
Withdrawal, Undergraduate Course


Yearly Expenses, Undergraduate Estimated

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