University of Vermont

Study Abroad at UVM

About 40% of UVM students study abroad, which is a pretty high number. A lot of departments on campus encourage students to study abroad, and kind of get a world view and then bring it back to the campus. They have three different ways you can study abroad. There is the UVM faculty-led program, which--again, virtually every department on campus offers some kind of faculty-led program, whether it's the psychology department or nutrition department or environmental studies department. You go abroad with other UVM students and a faculty member, either for winter break, spring break, a whole semester, or a few weeks in the summer time.

There is also an exchange program that you can take part in through a consortium of colleges. For example, if you go to University of Sydney, somebody from University of Sydney will either come to UVM or go to another college within the consortium. That's very popular for students who study abroad in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

The last option is an external program. So, that's just this huge laundry list of classes and programs through different universities or businesses that students can apply to. And that's what I did when I studied abroad. I went through the School of International Training, which is actually in Brattleboro, Vermont, it's a grad school, and they have a bunch of study abroad options throughout the entire world. I went to Uganda for 4 months to study sustainable development with 18 other U.S. students. There are 80+ countries that UVM students can study in.

Last modified January 07 2013 03:40 PM