University of Vermont

Morrill Hall's many academic departments and hands-on experiences

Morrill Hall is home of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Majors in that college include animal science, dietetics, food science nutrition, ecological agriculture, environmental studies, environmental science, biological sciences. And then there's this awesome department called Community Development and Applied Economics, which has a whole host of different majors and minors in it. They have community and international development, community and entrepreneurship, public communications, food systems, green building design.

And this college is really awesome, because they have a bunch of different hands-on learning experiences that you can get involved with. For example, if you really love cows and waking up at 4 o'clock in the morning, you could apply to the Cream Program, where they actually get to work on the UVM dairy farm, which is off of Main Street. So, a bunch of cows running around, and the students go there, they make sure the cows are happy and healthy and producing milk, and then all of that milk goes to Cabot Cheese, Ben & Jerry's, of course, and Hood Milk, which is pretty cool.

There are also great study-abroad opportunities within this school. For example, I'm going to St., Lucia this semester to study sustainable island development, get out of the winter for a little bit. You can also go to the Dominican Republic and study renewable energy system; you could go to Belize for an entire semester and study sustainable development. And virtually every department on campus offers some kind of study-aboard experience, whether it's for a spring semester, winter break, the few weeks in the summer time or a whole semester.

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