University of Vermont

The Honors College (housed at University Heights)

There is also the Honors College. The way that that works is students in the top 7% of the incoming class will be invited into the Honors College. You can either accept or decline. And then you will be required to take a one-semester seminar class with other Honors College students for your first two years at UVM. If you don't get invited as a first-year student, you can apply at the end of that year if you have a GPA of 3.4 or higher, and then come in as a sophomore, and, again, take a one-semester seminar class on various exciting subjects. Then, your junior year you'll take a senior-thesis planning class, because your senior year you will be required to do a thesis. They also have their own grant and research office for students who want to get fellowships or grant money, things like that.

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