University of Vermont

Billings building

Billings is also one of my favorite buildings on campus. I'm a really big Harry Potter fan, and it's a very Hogwarts-esque building, if you're into Harry Potter. There's actually a circular study lounge area where a lot of students are hanging out throughout the day. But it's going to become a special collections library. And it's also the home to just a lot of special events on campus. I'm in the Celtic Cats, which is an Irish step-dancing group on campus. I'm not terribly great at it, but I just love Riverdance. It's like a dream come true that I get to do Irish step-dancing. And that's where we have our Irish céilí every year, where we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, teach people how to Irish step-dance, and eat a lot of soda bread. It's really fun.

Last modified January 07 2013 03:39 PM