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Christopher Tucci

Computer science major

Chris Tucci

If you're looking for a little hand-held guidance around the UVM campus there is now, indeed, "an app for that," and iPhone users have computer science major Christopher Tucci to thank for his central role in putting the university at their fingertips. Fittingly, Tucci was the first person to test it out in the sort of scenario it will be useful.

While taking a walk on Redstone Campus with his visiting parents last fall, they were intrigued by the modern music building and recital hall adjoining the 1930s-era Southwick. Unfamiliar with the structure, Tucci reached for his iPhone where he had "iUVM" in its beta form. He opened up the app for answers. Given to understatement, he says, "It was nice to know that it works."

President of the computer science student association, Tucci was a likely candidate to answer CS faculty member Robert Erickson's call for a student to do the programming work for the app. Tucci signed on and was soon at work with the university's Web team.

While the university gained another avenue of communication, and visitors gained a way to easily track down a parking lot, a dining hall, a phone number, or the history behind some of those red bricks, Tucci also benefitted from his summer months spent immersed in "iPhone land."

"It wasn't heavy computer science, trying to figure out how many triangles are going to fit in a circle, that kind of thing, but in terms of a learning experience, it was fantastic," Tucci says. "It was a great way to experience the development process, working with other people, one of the best things that I've done in school so far."

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