Kesha Ram

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Undergraduate student, natural resource planning and political science major

Kesha Ram at work

Three years ago, Kesha Ram left her Los Angeles home and her high school of 5,000 students to attend the University of Vermont. Although she isn't sure what made her decide to apply in the first place, it was her first campus visit — a visit, she says, that showed her UVM's commitment to the student experience — that convinced her to attend. While serving as president of the Student Government Association (SGA), Ram became intimate with work on the front lines of shaping that experience.

"Most people I talk to think student government is useless at most schools, and when I tell them I'm sitting in on meetings where we're working on pandemic flu issues, or envisioning a new athletic facility for the university, and I'm helping make decisions on policy change, people say, 'Wow, sounds like your school has a really big commitment to student government.' We have a budget of over $1 million, and that's so impressive," says Ram.

"Coming here I’ve been rewarded for the things I’d been punished for in high school, which was trying to make change."

Ram has held UVM accountable to that commitment to the student experience. While working on a double major in natural resource planning and political science as a student in the Honors College, Ram has pursued an equally ambitious schedule outside of class (to name a few: president of Students for Peace and Global Justice, the President's Commission for Racial Diversity, the Davis (Student) Center Advisory Board and the Honors College Diversity Task Force).

Her latest pursuit may be her most ambitious to date: While Ram considers law school and a career in environmental justice, she also is running for a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives.

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